Tom Knox

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

Tom Knox works with development within IT as a test manager. He also has a company making phone aps. None released yet. He also seems to talk about himself in third person. Which is a worrying sign indeed. Let's hope it's not a sign of insanity. He'll keep you guys posted. On the app progress. Not the insanity. He is fairly sure he's not crazy. He also enjoys writing smut of the type that can be found on the front page.


He lives in Stockholm in spite of the fact that he finds it way too cold. He likes palm trees and sandy beaches over ankle deep snow. Snow is always bad.


He has no idea who the lady on the bike is (pictured).




" Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

-Margret Thatcher

Interesting side bar

Just kidding. This is not interesting text at all.


But don't let me keep you from reading, if you enjoy this stuff.


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